12–14 June 2020, Bos en Lommer,

WALKS invites you to walk.
Bring your phone and headphones.
Start somewhere. Then walk.


Recently, empty squares and overspilling parks have made us painfully aware of how core to an urban society the possibility of coming together is. WALKS is a parcours initiated by the Studio for Immediate Spaces in reaction to the current situation, as possibilities of interacting in public space have been restricted and altered. The shown works confront this new reality and offer possible approaches to re-think the structural undercurrents defining the relationship between public and private spaces in the contemporary city. Conceived as a walk to be taken alone or with a partner in accordance to prevailing social distancing regulations, the contributions are arranged in a loose and associative network around Amsterdam’s Bos en Lommer area.

With works by Andoni Zamora Chacartegui, BABA RADIO, Spazio Cura, Kyulim Kim, Wei-Tung Kuo, María Mazzanti, Roman Tkachenko, Michael Weber




Andoni Zamora Chacartegui

+++ next GRAY DWELLER Amsterdam +++ coming up 12, 13, 14.06.2018 +++ opening hours 13.00h–18:00 +++ joining forces for a needed symbiosis +++ see you in one of the unnamed spaces fallen off the maps of our cities +++



BABA RADIO is an on-site radio station, which uses given contexts as the basis for performing radio shows. Investigating the roles of THE HOST, THE GUEST AND THE GHOST, BABA RADIO functions as a device for intertwined performativites, as a playground of scripted roles. BABA RADIO aims to insert itself into a context to fictionalise the perception of such by using THE HOST, THE GUEST AND THE GHOST as tricks for dislocating their prevailing narratives in pro of other possible spaces to be generated.

For WALKS, BABA RADIO will be located in the publically accessible first floor terrace where BABA RADIO’s initiators Beatriz Conefrey (Studio for Immediate Spaces) and Anto López Espinosa (The Commoners’ Society) live, using their front yard as a stage for broadcasting with contributions by their neighbours.

Tune in babaradio.online wherever you are, and drop by their front yard to see them live.

Woutertje Pietersestraat 36 (walk up the yellow stairs).
Follow their steps on @baba_radio

Drop by or tune in, wherever you are:

→ babaradio.online


Kyulim Kim

There is an envelope delivered to you at

UPS® Access Point
Atc Asia Telefoon Center
Gulden Winckelplantsoen 2
1055 EL Amsterdam

Send an email to moveordie2020@gmail.com

A tracking number to pick up the envelope, will be sent to you by email. Only a limited amount of envelopes are available.


Wei Tung Kuo

follow my instructions.

Go to the front door of the Springplank kindergarten on Robert Scottstrat.
Find the QR code.
Stand in the right position.
Look up at the KFC sign.
Put on your headphones and make a decision here:

→ chooseyourjourney.site


María Mazzanti

GHOSTLY VOICES, NOISE AND STATIC is a 24-hour automated phone menu, a lifeline of audio works for the invisible presences lying dormant within the dominant masculine narratives produced by the city. Through landscapes of opposition, the audio and crossing lines on the phone menu become a front line for the unheard and unreadable.

The crossed stories enabled by the phone menu open up the possibility for creating interference, errors, fluidity and formless sound matter. The line works as a fragile archive of the ghostly female narratives as well as a way to dismantle the worlds and urban imagery that have been assembled and repetitively enacted, violently silencing the underrepresented.

CALL NOW: +31 10 800 9529



Roman Tkachenko

As we stay home, the current system still manages to intervene in our private spaces. The more we are confined to our homes, the more the system starts to suggest or possibly even dictate how a household should be run. Homes have become hybrids. Working from home, the private home has become more like a farm, as a household now generates income and has a full life revolving around it.

SWEET HOME-OFFICE WORK is a 72h performance and installation, a reflection on contemporary private space, staged in an AirBnB rental apartment. Normally a vacation getaway in the middle of the city it is equipped with a fully functioning home-office station. The apartment is temporarily shared with the house owner, who lives in a garden cabin. Is this, what a home is today? Private and public? Inside and outside? Blurring of borders. Pull the curtain. Close it again.

→ tkachenkoroman.com


Michael Weber

DO WHAT YOU LOVE is a project about the current condition of the immaterial worker. Out on a run… Trying to find certainty, the immaterial worker is compressed by a market that has reified life. From subjects we become projects. And life is a project to be successfully managed.

Labour has transformed into a rentable illusion, removed from its predecessing principle of performance and benefit in an exchange for some privacy. Labour is marketed to a flexible precariat as a commodity in form of membership cards allowing them to build value through networks. A generations’ future subverted by a flowery lie they swalloed.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE acts in an augmented reality, because like everything else reality has shape-shifted, too. You are invited to enjoy the view!

Am I a real person? Who knows, but I have no self respect and will read anything for money. I am a voice-recording vessel iterating prophecies: up’s are down’s now, make today greater! — for just 4,99$.

→ dowhatyoulove.info


Studio for Immediate Spaces
Sandberg Instituut
Gerrit Rietveld Academie